International Legal Institute of DefaYaran with the registration number of 34897 and presence of expert lawyers in international and domestic affairs, as well as experienced lawyers and experts in lawsuits including international commercial lawsuits, real estate lawsuits, claims and collection of bank checks, international arbitration lawsuits, international contracts in Iran, and other advocacy affairs in Iran, is ready to accept the legal issues of clients from around the world.

Legal services by domestic and international lawyers in Iran are as follows:

• Collecting legal claims of companies, natural and legal persons and private organizations in Iran.
• Collecting debtors’ claims for commercial checks and collecting debt amounts for the sales factor in Iran.
• Criminal complaint in all criminal cases and the crime of robbery and special courts in Iran.
• Management of meetings and negotiations in Iran.
• Accepting arbitration and mediation in resolving disputes according to the rules of arbitration by a specialized arbitration and mediation team, in cooperation with an international commercial arbitration expert lawyer.
• Accepting international arbitration in commercial contracts and writing commercial contracts.
• Setting and writing estates contracts in Iran, including buying and selling homes and apartments and industrial estates.
• Accepting attorneyship in financial cases between couples including getting dowry and attorneyship for the seizure of property in Iran and removal of the prohibition of departure by the police of Iran.
• Accepting attorneyship in children and teenagers cases and custody of children in Iran.
• Accepting attorneyship in smuggling and customs affairs and customs clearance cases in Iran.
• Following up of medical and patient rights crimes and all medical malpractice cases in Iran’s courts.
• Attorneyship in Purchasing petrochemicals and petroleum products from reputable Iranian companies.
• Immigration, residence and tourism, and visas in Iran.
• Legal advice to all trading companies and accepting attorneyship for European companies as well as registration of companies in Iran.
• Official registration of European and American companies and other reputable international brands in Iran.
• Legal advice in airline industry technology sales around the World.
• Attorney defense of international trading companies and participation in Iranian developmental and road construction projects.
• Setting and commenting on or writing contracts and insurance obligations in Iran.

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